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......@@ -8,9 +8,26 @@ Each notebook describes a particular analog second order filter (RC-RC, RLC, Rau
* select_components : this function select the filter components from some filter specifications
## Getting started
### Starting the project
1. Fork the repo (click on the fork button then on the select button)
2. Download the forked repo onto your machine
3. Make the necessary changes to your project in your local files (create the functions on jupyter etc...)
### Submitting the project
4. Once you are ready to submit the assignment, open the Anaconda prompt (type "cmd" on your computer search bar and the option should appear)
5. Type `git` into the command line then press enter
6. If you do not have git installed on Anaconda, type `conda install -c anaconda git` into the command line then press enter
7. Once you have installed git on Anaconda, click on the clone button and retrieve the https url
8. On the command line, change the directory to the folder you want to submit (use `cd folder_path_name` to do so and use `dir` (or `ls` for Mac and Linux users) to make sure you see the right files inside the folder)
9. On the command line, type `git clone {https_url_you_copied}` then press enter. It will ask you for your ENT username then for your ENT password. Make sure there is no error before proceeding to the next step
10. On the commande line, type `git add .` then press enter. If everything went smoothly, if you type in `git status`, you should have some new files to commit.
11. On the command line, type the lines of code below. All the changes made on your local machine should now be transfered onto the forked repo
git commit -m "ma version"
git push -u origin master
* Fork the repo
* Clone the forked repo to your local machine
## How to make a pull request
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