Commit b4a3ccb6 authored by DUFAIX Clement's avatar DUFAIX Clement
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add possibility to play with the agent at the end

parent 904a8808
......@@ -33,7 +33,13 @@ class Game:
input() # fin du jeu
#on met le joueur réelle à la place de l'agent random
self.joueur2 = RealPlayer()
self.nbPartieDEntrainement = 10
#input() # fin du jeu
def getBoardGame(self):
return self.boardGame
......@@ -282,7 +288,8 @@ class Agent(Player):
plt.title('eps for each Game')
plt.xlabel('number of game', fontsize=14)
plt.ylabel('eps', fontsize=14)
def endGame(self, playerWinning):
......@@ -388,6 +395,4 @@ class Window(QMainWindow):
if __name__ == "__main__":
app = QApplication(sys.argv)
agent = Agent()
Game(agent, RandomAgent())
Game(RealPlayer(), agent, 5)
Game(Agent(), RandomAgent())
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