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## Getting started
* Fork the repo
* Clone the forked repo to your local machine
## How to make a pull request
### Download the projet using git
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> To download the project using git, you must install git on your computer. To install git, open the anaconda prompt program and then run the following command `conda install git`
* In this gitlab page, click on the "fork" button and then select your gitlab username. This step will create your own copy of this repo.
* Download your own copy of this repo on your local machine
* Go to your gitlab page of **your own repo**.
* Click on the button `Clone` and then copy to the clipboard the https url of your repo (Clone with https). Thus url will be noted as `{url}` in the following instructions.
* Open the anaconda prompt program, go to a clean folder and run the following command : `git clone {url}` where `{url}` corresponds to the url of your own repo. The clone command will download the repo on your local machine.
## Upload your project using git
* Open the anaconda prompt program and go to your project folder
* Run the following commands
git add .
git commit -m "mon super projet"
git push -u origin master
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